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Australians are known for their laid back attitude, relaxed way of life and love for the outdoors.

Perth provides you with many chances to embrace nature. There are many “forests guards” that surround Perth in the form of national parks. You can have barbeques with family and friends at beautiful spots like Kings Park on sunny weekends, go surfing/swimming in the fantastic beaches, or hire a boat and go fishing or create ‘romance’ on the Swan River. If you enjoy eco-tours there are tracks for hiking and 4 Wheel Driving.

Perth is also famous for its multiculturalism. It is a culinary haven where one can find foods from all over the world - Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, Italian, Polish, and so on. Perth is also home to a number of globally recognized wineries and cafes.

If you want to find out more about culture in Perth, please go to the ACEIC Recreation page.

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