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In order to apply for any of the vacant positions, please email us at with your resume and certifications attached.

Your resume must include the following details:

  • Personal data, including name, DOB, country of passport, marriage status
  • Contact details, including home phone, mobile, email, residential address, postal address
  • An outline of major skills and experience
  • Employment experience (specify employer, address, position, duration, main responsibilities)
  • Educational background
  • A list of referees
  • IELTS results if any

Your certifications may include:

  • Passport first page
  • Australian visa page of passport if any
  • Educational certificates
  • Professional qualifications
  • Employer reference letter is any
  • IELTS Report if any
  • Any other relevant documents

For information about living and working in Perth, please go to our ACEPI Living in Perth page.

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