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Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia.
It is the largest administrative region in the world.

Perth is also known as:
"City of Black Swans" for it is the gathering place of the iconic Black Swans.
"City of Flowers" for Perth's Mediterranean climate provides the ideal environment for wildflowers in spring.
"City of Sunshine” a name derived from Perth's 118 sunny days on average per year.

Population, Perth

1.4 million

Population, WA

2 million

Size of WA

2,525,500 sq km (largest state of Australia)


Democratic (Westminster System)

Time Zone

GMT + 8 hours

Official language



Complete religious freedom



Average Temperatures


Summer Dry & Hot

20° - 32°C (58° - 89°F)December-February

Autumn Some Rain

12°-25°C (48°-85°F)March-May

Winter Rain

8° - 18°C (46° - 66°F) June-August

Spring Some Rain

10° - 22°C ( 48° - 85°F) September-November

For more information on living and working in Perth, please go to the ACEIC Living in Perth page.

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