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Chinese Version 中文版 IELTS Preparation Course | Learn Mandarin in Perth
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Ace International College (ACEIC) offers a range of IELTS preparation courses, as well as courses to learn Mandarin and English at various levels in Perth.

Most of our English, Mandarin and IELTS courses are suitable for part-time study. Course content is practical as well as industry focused. Courses are delivered during weekends, evenings or working hours to suit studentsí» needs.

ACEIC has accumulated many years of specialised IELTS coaching and English/Mandarin teaching experience. We have trained thousands of people from various nationalities in our IELTS Preparation Courses as well as Practical and General English Courses. ACEIC students have been/are Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Sri Lankan, Indian, Saudi Arabian and French to name a few. Many of our IELTS preparation and English course students are international students, 457 working visa holders and working holiday visa holders. Some of our students travel over 200 kilometres from places like Kalgoorlie, Busselton and Rockingham to attend our IELTS and English courses.

Students who learn Mandarin with us are often business people who have an interest in China. We also have young students who are fascinated in China and Chinese culture or have an Asian family background.

* If you wish to study at ACEIC you must already possess a valid Australian visa or be an Australian citizen. Overseas students wishing to study in Australia for full-time courses greater than 12 weeks will need to obtain a student visa and apply to a government approved CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) registered institution. For further information please click here.

Current IELTS Preparation Courses include:

Current English Courses include:

  • Practical English Course (Beginner Level through to Advanced Level)
  • General English Course

Current Mandarin Courses include:

  • Mandarin Lessons (beginner, intermediate and advanced levels)
  • Mandarin 1-on-1 Tutorials
  • Mandarin Study Pair Tutorials
  • Mandarin Tutorial of a Group of 3

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Click here for an English/IELTS Course Application Form
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