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Chinese Version 中文版 457 WORKER - IELTS Foundation & Preparation Course
ACE Visas Australia

Target Range
Band 3.5 - 5.0 Overall/In all four components

Course Focus
The IF course focuses on the English language foundations and IELTS test strategies needed for General Training IELTS tests with the intent to develop students' confidence to sit for the test. It is specially designed for 457 visa holders who are beginner, elementary or pre-intermediate English learners. The purpose of the course is to help students understand the IELTS testing structures and requirements, strategies and approaches to complete the test, as well as build up necessary grammar and vocabulary foundations in order to achieve higher results in the IELTS tests.

Who is this course for?
457 temporary working visa holders aiming to achieve IELTS 3.5-5.0 Overall/In all four components

Course Content
Some time will be spent on specific language that is useful for the General Training IELTS test (depending on student requirements). Positive strategies for approaching the test will be explored for all Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing components.

Components of IELTS Foundation & Preparation Courses (IELTS 3.5-5 targets):

  • IELTS Foundation: Focus on teaching essential grammar and core vocabulary for the IELTS Speaking/Listening/Reading/Writing tests.
  • IELTS Strategy Seminars: f ocus on teaching the test strategies step by step in detail
  • IELTS Strategy Workshops: focus on practicing the strategies learned in the seminars - followed by feedback, analysis and further discussions
  • IELTS Mock Test Workshop: 1 day workshop at the end of the course
  • Course Review and Test Prediction: review of the whole course, emphasise the critical strategies, and predictive advice on next IELTS test

When are classes run?

  • Evening Class: normally 6.30-9.00pm weekday evenings
  • Weekend Class: Saturdays and Sundays
  • Morning Class: normally 8-10am in the morning weekdays
  • Afternoon Class: normally 11am-2pm weekdays


  • 3-6 month Progressive Course
  • 2 months Fast-track Course
  • 1 month General Express Course

Depending on studentsí» entry English level and target band a guarantee of IELTS 3.5-5 Overall or in all four components is provided. Conditions apply to the guarantee offer.

Current & Upcoming Class Dates
IF1106: Start 5 June 2011
*schedules may change so please contact us in advance to confirm before you make any plans

Class size
Minimum of 5 participants is needed for the course to run on the day. Maximum of each class is 12 students.

Enquiries & Bookings
Please contact us


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