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Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia.
It is the largest administrative region in the world.

Perth is also known as:
"City of Black Swans" for it is the gathering place of the iconic Black Swans.
"City of Flowers" for Perth's Mediterranean climate provides the ideal environment for wildflowers in spring.
"City of Sunshine” a name derived from Perth's 118 sunny days on average per year.

A recent international survey found Perth to be a most livable city, for quality of life based on personal safety, political stability, climate and recreational activities, access to health and education facilities, transport and accommodation availability.

Population, Perth

1.4 million

Population, WA

2 million

Size of WA

2,525,500 sq km (largest state of Australia)


Democratic (Westminster System)

Time Zone

GMT + 8 hours

Official language



Complete religious freedom



Average Temperatures


Summer Dry & Hot

20° - 32°C (58° - 89°F)December-February

Autumn Some Rain

12°-25°C (48°-85°F)March-May

Winter Rain

8° - 18°C (46° - 66°F) June-August

Spring Some Rain

10° - 22°C ( 48° - 85°F) September-November

Food and Drink
Perth is famous for its multiculturalism. It is a culinary haven where one can find foods from all over the world - Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, Italian, Polish, and so on. Perth is also home to a number of globally recognized wineries and cafes.

Perth is home to four universities:

  • University of Western Australia
  • Edith Cowan University
  • Murdoch University
  • Curtin University of Technology

WAs educational institutions and courses are recognized worldwide. Although the population of the city and state is relatively small, Perth caters to over 30,000 international students from over 75 countries.

Development and Global Business
Perth is experiencing substantial growth in terms of inner-city living development and industry, servicing 100,000 daily visitors and workers in addition to its 13,000 inner-city residents. With its relaxing life style, the city of Perth becomes a premier destination for entertainment, nightlife, culture and arts.

Perth is also a global provider of minerals, energy and food and international business. Perth hosts the interests of some of the most famous global companies or their subsidiaries, such as IBM, Motorola, Rio Tinto, ENI Oil & Gas, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Shell, BHP.

In fact, Perth is currently driving the Australian economy by generating nearly 30% of the entire country's export income with 10% of its population. The state also boasts the lowest unemployment rate in Australia and searches skilled workers to fill the shortages internationally through well-educated and qualified migrants.


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