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Perth provides you with many chances to embrace nature. There are many ¡°forests guards¡± that surround Perth in the form of national parks. You can have barbeques with family and friends at beautiful spots like Kings Park on sunny weekends, go surfing/swimming in the fantastic beaches, or hire a boat and go fishing or create ¡®romance¡¯ on the Swan River. If you enjoy eco-tours there are tracks for hiking and 4 Wheel Driving.

Shops & Supermarkets
Perth has shops catering to most consumer requirements. You will find all you need at stores and big shopping malls close to the community you live in. You may also venture to Perth City, Northbridge, Fremantle and other suburbs.
Opening times (for most shops and supermarkets):

Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday

8.30am - 5.30pm; 8.30am - 9pm (Perth City Centre only)


8.30am - 9pm (suburbs only)


8.00am - 5pm (some smaller stores may close at 1pm)


Noon - 6pm (Perth City Centre & Fremantle only)

Tips: IGA supermarket opens 7 days, from 8:00am to 8:00pm.
Besides IGA, the other two main supermarkets are Coles and Woolworths. Goods there are generally cheaper than ¡®delis¡¯ or smaller speciality stores. Prices in shops are fixed and bargaining is not available.

Department Stores
The major department stores are Myers and David Jones. There are also discount department stores - Target, K-Mart and Big W - which sell similar products at comparatively lower prices. You can easily find them in Perth City and other suburban shopping malls.

Perth has plenty of markets that comprise a collection of stalls selling all kinds of goods and services including Asian wares, clothing, fresh produce, prepared food, crafts and other daily necessities and souvenirs. Markets like Subiaco and Farmer Jacks provide qualified and reasonably cheap vegetables and fruits. Many Asian grocery shops are located in Northbridge (China Town).

Most restaurants, cafes and snack bars in Perth are located in Northbridge (city). Other tourist destinations like Fremantle, also cater to international cuisines. Food is generally not available after 10pm. However, some cafes in Northbridge are open 24 hours. Eating out in Perth generally costs less than AUD50 a person.
Northbridge, also called ¡®China Town¡¯ or ¡®City¡¯, is Perth¡¯s cultural and entertainment area, just a few minutes¡¯ walk north of Perth City the other side of the train station. Northbridge is home to a number of pubs, nightclubs, cafes, bars, shops, galleries and one of the biggest and busiest concentrations of restaurants in Australia. Northbridge reflect Perth¡¯s ethnic diversity.

North of Perth, Trigg and Scarborough beaches have high waves ideal for surfers. While Cottesloe beach is one of Perth¡¯s most popular beaches because of its medium to small waves and cafes and pubs along the shore. Located just 8 km west of Perth, about 2 km south of Scarborough, City Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches you will find along the Perth Coast. The water is crystal clear and the sunsets over the ocean are spectacular. The sun sets around 7pm in summer and 5:30pm in winter.

Kings Park
Kings Park is a city forest located near Perth city. Besides colorful wildflowers in Spring, you will also find the distinctive bottle-shaped boab trees growing in the park. In summer, Sunset Cinema is a wonderful outdoor cinematic experience.

The Pinnacles Desert, Cervantes, located 257 kms north of Perth is a great option for a one-day tour out of Perth. The sandy desert is well-known for its unique limestone pillars ranging from a few centimeters in height to some towering 5 meters. They are calcified spires of around 30,000 years old which have been gradually uncovered by erosion. The main groups are known as the Tombstones.

Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island is located just 19 kilometers off the coast of Fremantle. It is Perth¡¯s very own Island getaway featuring a recreational atmosphere, vivid scenery and some of the world's finest beaches and bays. Rottnest Island is a special place for people in WA and a popular destination for international visitors. The casual lifestyle, Mediterranean climate and distinctive environment of this Island make a special holiday.

Many tours and activities operate throughout the day including:

  • the popular Island Discovery Coach Tour
  • the historic Oliver Hill Train Tour
  • Rottnest Express Eco Tour
  • the Underwater Explorer (diving)
  • joy flights on the Rottnest Air Taxi
  • guided walking tours conducted by Rottnest Voluntary Guides

Journey by ferry take 30 minutes from Fremantle, 45 minutes from Hillarys Harbor and 90 minutes from Perth Port.

Margaret River
Was originally a support centre for the local Farms (mostly dairy) and the then booming timber industry. The founding family then began to grow wine grapes. As it turned out, Margaret River vines produced a very fine wine and the rest, they say, is history. Now Margaret River is a paradise for tourists looking for a short holiday to enjoy delicious grape wines, surfing, swimming and cave arts.


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