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Chinese Version 中文版 A SUCCESS STORY - MR DING
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Date of update: 14/05/2010
Student Name:
DING, Jun (General Training)
Course(s) Attended: 457 Practical English & IELTS Fast Track

A Letter of Thanks from student - Mr DING


Dear Wang Ping and all teachers of ACE international college:

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for who had been provided experience teaching and kind help during I was study English at ICE international college.

Over nine months, I found my English has been improving at an alarming rate. I had had IELTS exam recently, result is not very perfect, but it is enough to me for apply for Permanent Resident under employer sponsor; I am working on it at present. Thanks to all teachers who had been provided experience teaching and sincere help, at the same time, I had devoted myself to dedicate to learning English, if I had not been, I would not have been passed IELTS exam. For my future, I should continue to study.

Eventually, I should like, on behalf of all IF0908 students, to express our thanks, admiration, affection and good wishes to all teachers of ACE international college, who have been such staunch and special teachers over so many months. We shall not forget you and we shall watch with closest interest as you get to another summit in your career.

Best Regards,

ACE People International

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