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Chinese Version 中文版 A SUCCESS STORY - MR PAN
ACE Visas Australia

Date of update: 14/05/2010
Student Name: PAN, Kai (General Training)
Course Attended: IELTS Fast Track

A Letter of Thanks from student – Mr. PAN

Dear ACEIC teachers,

I am writing to express my gratitude thanks to all the teachers in ACE International College. I have introduced by a friend in ACEIC, after 3 months’ study here, I got a lot of friends, we were learning English together, eating together, etc. Although at the beginning,  the learning facilities are not very good, but since Principal Ms Wang improved the school environment, the study environment has been improved a lot. Here, I have to say thanks to Ms Tracy, who is one of the most significant teachers in ACEIC. She is a very serious and responsible teacher, who also has lots of experience in teaching IELTS.  I also have to express my thanks to  another very experienced teacher- Li Chen, she is our oral English teacher. For Aimee, I also want to say thank you cause she is the most responsible teacher I have never met before.

During these three months, I really learned a lot in English, and thanks all for your sincere help.

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