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Chinese Version 中文版 A SUCCESS STORY - MR SU
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Date of update: 14/05/2010
Student Name:
SU (General Training)
Course Attended: IELTS Fast Track

A Letter of Thanks from student – Mr SU

24 January 2009

Ms Wang,

Here, I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you and all teachers in ACE International College, and I am quite satisfied with the first IELTS results.

Before study English in the ACEIC, I simply cannot understand what is IELTS test, and even do not know what is my exactly English level , because I was just a junior high school graduate in my own country. Since I have not touched English for almost ten years, I can surely believe that I do not have any foundation in English study. During these years I am staying in Australia, all my English are mainly from the general conversation with foreigners and some Westerner movies. For my writing, which can be recognized as the weakest part, I cannot write any long sentences during these three years. My vocabulary is also really pathetic. Since coming ACE International College, TRACY taught me how to confront all of these problems one by one, especially in the speaking and writing test. TRACY gave us many sentence structures, and samples which really helped me a lot. For reading, she taught me a lot of new words, reading skills, and techniques.

In the oral English aspect, TRACY also taught me how to face the examiner's question, what skills to answer the examiner's questions; she used many examples and demonstration in class, and encouraged me talking in front all classmates.

Before training English in ACE International College, I usually make mistakes during the conversation with foreigners, and sometimes pronunciation is not in standard. However, during the times of learning, Tracy did not only teach students how to communicate with others, more importantly, she also pointed out students should learn to express themselves with a clear expression, this seems to be very important for me. Because English is not my first language, I do not know anything related to English before and even not sure how to make basic conversation with people. After the study, I am quite clear my targets in the oral English examination. Thus, in the day of examination, I was quite relaxed and with a very friendly attitude to face and answer all the questions he asked me. Because I regularly attend the classes, so I was not nervous. Therefore, the test was quite simple for me. In fact, even you have answered the wrong question, that is not the important thing, and the most important thing is whether you fluently for using English! I am so lucky with the spoken test result, which is unbelievable!

Here, once more I would like to thank all the teachers in ACE International College, thanks!

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